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Tehsped | Transit of goods

Transit of goods

Our company has been operating since 2010, but since 1999 we offer a service – representation in customs proceedings, whether directly or indirectly related to the import, export or transit of goods.

Since the 1st of April 2004, when the Slovak Republic joined the EU, we started the process intrastat messages, represent the intelligence unit in its reporting obligations to the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

Our staff provides those services on a professional level, have regular retraining in the field of legislative changes relating to customs, declaratory and statistical services and we are always available.


IMPORT / import goods from third countries of goods under the customs procedure /

  • exposure to form the European Community / former SAD Single Administrative Document /, form for the European Community / ex complementary single administrative document dJCD /
  • representation in customs procedures, the service will relieve you, saving you time, energy
  • invitation declaration of customs value, additional value declaration / known DCH, dDCH /
  • ensurance of coll depth guarantee for 10 days
  • ensurance of security checks RVFAs / Regional Veterinary and Food Administration /

EXPORT / export goods to third countries /, TRANSIT

  • issue of a form „The European Community“, by e-mail fill in a form „TIR CARNET“
  • issue of electronic TIR CARNET
  • issue of document of the certificate of origin EUR1, grant-related forms, statements
  • issue of document of the certificate of origin for the ATR Turkey, the provision of related forms, statements
  • issue of transit declaration T1, T2
  • issue of document on the status of goods T2L
  • issue of international road transport CMR
  • issue of international rail freight note CIM

– produce of declarations of dual-use under Council Regulation / EC / No. 1334/2000, Regulation 428/2009 and its amendments
– produce of statement to limit the export of goods, torture and repression
– produce of statements on export control cat and dog fur in accordance with Commission Regulation / EX / 1523/2007 / Ú.vL 343 /
– produce of statements on export control measures under CITES Regulations / EC / No. 338/97